Workers' Compensation

Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle: Advantages of a Specialized Law Firm

A Dedicated AttorneyLiving in Central Florida, it is hard to go a day without seeing an advertisement for a law firm. Big, rich law firms spend enormous amounts of money so that you cannot drive down a highway, watch television or surf the web without seeing their names and slogans plastered over billboards, commercials and other digital media. While these firms are wealthy and enlist numerous different lawyers, a smaller, more specialized firm may better suit your interest.Specialized Lawyers Rather [...]


Florida Supreme Court Cracks Down on Lawyer Referral Services

New Rules As reported by The Florida Bar News, the Supreme Court of Florida passed a series of Bar-proposed amendments to lawyer referral service rules. Most notably, the Florida Supreme Court ordered the Bar to submit a rule within 90 days that prohibits a lawyer from accepting clients from any entity that in addition to legal services also refers callers to any nonlegal professional work stemming from the same incident. This means that lawyers will no longer be taking referrals [...]


Immigrant Workers Arrested for Workplace Injuries

Overview​​​​​​​ It is a well-known fact that the criminalization and arrest of thousands of immigrants has been conducted over the last year. While these arrests have been carried out by Immigration Enforcement, they also have been facilitated by insurance companies looking to avoid payouts. According to a recent investigation by NPR and ProPublica, workers’ compensation insurance companies have reportedly been turning in unauthorized immigrants when they report injuries on the job in order to avoid making legal payouts. NPR and [...]


Workers’ Compensation for Central Florida Homebuilders

OverviewMetro-Orlando has proven to be one of the fastest growing areas in the country. It is hard to ignore the sprawling growth happening in the outskirts of our city. According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, more than 3,900 people move to the Orlando area every month. Recent growth has been centered around areas such as Lake Nona and Horizons West, neighborhoods popping up along the beltways, as well as cIncoming DevelopmentsTavares, Lake County: Avalon Park Group has plans for [...]


Most Common Occupational Diseases and Illnesses in Florida

Most of us spend a great deal of time at our place of employment with the average full-time worker clocking at least 40 hours per week doing their job. Unfortunately, this means that if you work with harmful substances or in hazardous conditions, your exposure is considerable. While the majority of people will never experience any health-related problems derived from their employment, a percentage of people every year become sick with an occupational disease. An occupational disease is any sort of [...]


Is PTSD Covered by Worker’s Compensation?

Now, more than ever before, do we realize that not all injuries and medical conditions are visible. The last half century has seen a rise in our awareness of invisible disabilities and mental illness, and the understanding that they can be just as debilitating as physical problems, despite not being as obvious. Just like physical injuries, mental afflictions can invade every aspect of our day to day lives, from the time we spend with our friends and family to our [...]


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