Medical Malpractice

Can Technology Prevent Trucking Accidents?

A truck’s event data recorder (EDR) can be important evidence in a trucking accident case. The EDR is also called a “black box.” It provides information about the truck’s speed, braking, acceleration, clutching, tire pressure and more at the moment of a crash. However, black box data only helps us to know how and why a tractor-trailer crashed. In other words, it helps to explain an accident. It does not prevent one. Everyone would benefit if technology could be used to stop an [...]


Be Careful at the Pool

As spring transitions to summer during the coming month, more people in Orlando and Winter Park will be enjoying swimming pools in their backyards, private clubs or public parks. Unfortunately, we are also entering a period when a high number of serious and fatal swimming pool accidents can occur. Last September, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s Pool Safely campaign reported that at least 174 children ages 14 and younger died from drowning in spas or swimming pools between Memorial Day and Labor Day, [...]


Florida Dog Bites: Laws and Advice for Prevention

Florida Law  In Florida, dog owners are responsible for any harm done by their dog towards an individual who is legally on the dog owner’s property. It is not necessary for the claimant to prove negligence on behalf of the dog owner, rather, dog owners are subject to strict liability. Florida statute 767.04 states, “The owner of any dog that bites any person while such person is on or in a public place, or lawfully on or in a private place, [...]


Lawyer Referral Services

Overview Lawyer referral services such as 411-Pain, 1-800-ASK-GARY, Injury Helpline and Total Help are all private, for-profit referral services. These companies refer callers to the attorneys who have paid them a fee. Flaws Customers are not referred to attorneys based on the specifics of their case or the merit of the attorney. Instead, attorneys pay a fee to be sent cases by referral services. Most of the people answering phones at lawyer referral services such as 411 Pain or Ask-Gary are not [...]


Unhappy with the Doctor the Insurance Company Picked?

Working Against You​​​​​​​ Claimants can no longer select their own doctor when pursuing a workers compensation claim in the state of Florida. Instead, the doctor is chosen by the insurance company. The insurance adjusters often develop mutually beneficiary relationships with doctors they choose, persuading these doctors to side in favor of the insurance company. These companies have curated lists of doctors to whom they send many patients each year. Insurance adjusters also summon these doctors for their medical opinion pertaining [...]


How to tell if your case is medical malpractice or just a bad outcome

Every medical procedure has some degree of risk, and these should always be explained to you by your doctor ahead of your treatment or surgery. Unfortunately, sometimes things can go wrong, and this can have serious, long-term and even catastrophic results for the patient and their family. If things don’t go to plan and there is a bad outcome to the procedure, you may immediately want to blame your doctor or hospital. The truth is that sometimes medical treatment does [...]


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