A Mediation

A Mediation

I attend a workers’ compensation mediation approximately once every two days at the workers’ compensation court in Orlando, Florida.  The Orlando coutrhouse has jurisdiction over the following counties: i) Orange, ii) Lake, iii) Ocseola and iv) Seminole.

At a mediation, there are three things that can happen.  First, if there is an issue that my client is owed a doctor or money, there may be no agreement and we set a trial date in approximately ninety days.  The trial will involve the Judge of Compensation of Claims to determine whether my client is owed a medical benefit or a lost wage benefit.

Second, the issue may be resolved without settling the entire case.  Yesturday, the claimant was entitled to an MRI and that was set to go to the Judge in the near future.  The employer/carrier agreed to give an MRI and that was provided and the need to go to court was avoided.

Third, we can settle the case in its entirety.  This involves giving my client a lump sum and the employer/carrier will no longer pay any lost wages or medical benefits.

If you have any questions about the role of mediation in a workers’ compensation claim, I invite you to contact me through this blog or directly by telephone.

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